One on One Training Session

Rate Schedule

Pkg. of      6 sessions - $160.00

Pkg. of     9 sessions -  $220.00

Pkg. of     12  sessions - $285.00

Pkg. of     18 sessions  - $395.00

Pkg. of      22 sessions - $435.00

Pkg. of      26 sessions - $527.00

Pkg. of     36 sessions - $714.00

 Group rates avalible for those that wish  join with a friend.


Ask for yearly rates for great savings.


 Online Personal Training

For only $59.95 per month!

For those that prefer to work on there own, but would like guidance to better reach there goals. Try our online training programs. They are all custom tailored to your  individual needs and life style. For less than a $1.50 a day!

For more information on rates contact:  



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