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A Online training for only pennies on the dollar.

Are you fed-up with fitness programs that just don't work?

Feeling burned out by all of the cookie-cutter training programs and infomercials about products promising rapid weight loss and toning that never work for you?

Then contact Complete Fitness today!


    Injury Prevention, Sports & Exercise Specialist.

Graduated from the Wisconsin Military Academy.

Served in the National Guard.

Certified through the International Sports Sciences Association  (ISSA).

 Received recognition from Pro Trainer Online Magazine.

Recognition for Excellence in 2002 and twice in 2003.

                  More views to look forward to!



Circuit Training / Cardio Area


Workout stations with constant resistance devices, variable resistance, static resistance and accommodating resistance devices.

Types of equipment  include:

Universal machines, elliptical, stair Steppers, back row machines, Graviton, and stationary bikes.


 Free weight / Calisthetics area


Both the free weight and Calisthenics area. Weights starting at 2  1/2 lbs. Includes Olympic style weights for the more advanced. Small and effective for our one on one interaction training.


Types of equipment also included:

Adjustable and non adjustable benches, weights, squat rack, heavy bag,  Abb equipment, pilates equipment, exercise balls,and weighted medicine balls.


Client photos


Daren Training for Earth Expedition

When I had first met Daren Wendell, his dream of was just starting to take place.



After months of grueling training in preparation for the trip, Daren had more than doubled his strength.

     Daren had learned the power of the mind and body when they work as one.


Daren was able to far surpass the goals that were set in preparation for his upcoming trip. Both short term and long term goals.      After training was completed his dream became a reality. Daren Wendell has been an inspiration to all here at Complete Fitness, as well as to those that continue to meet him during .      

Photos of Daren on the AP Trail (Appalachain Trail) in Georgia, the first leg of the . For those that are not familiar with the AP Trail, it runs roughly 2140 miles across the Eastern United States from Georgia to Maine. Daren had trained 5 to 6 times weekly for several months. Once only a dream, now a reality!




Homar Nieva



 28 years of age, type 2 diabetics- "I have used Complete Fitness since 2003. My starting weight was 260 lbs. Since then, I have lost 110 lbs. and in the best shape of my life." For more on Homar, check out the testimonials.



Starlene Petrus


Two brain surgeries, kidney cancer, two strokes, a heart stint and diabetic. “I now am no longer in a power wheel chair". For more about Starlene Petrus, check out her testimonials.




You can contact us by email at: shaun@completefitnessweb.com for questions. You can also contact the customer service department at:CSRDepartment@CompleteFitnessWEb.com .

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