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We specialise in Injury Prevention, Sports & Exercise.

What Pro trainer Magizine had to say.

  Patrick Gamboa B.S. MSS. 10/12/2005, Editor –in- Chief of ISSA Pro Trainer Online Magazine. "Shaun Craft has proven to be a dedicated student and member of the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). His thirst for knowledge is only rivaled by his willingness to help others. We feel fortunate to have a trainer of his caliber and character representing ISSA as a Certified Fitness Trainer. We feel that his unbridled enthusiasm will undoubtedly be contagious to all his clients enabling them to draw into a fitness lifestyle. More valuable Shaun’s certification is his empathetic ear and expert innate ability to develop personalized rational and comprehensive programs that creates results. Shaun is an excellent example of a true fitness educator, and every client who has the opportunity to work with him will truly benefit, physically and mentally. "


Mind, Body, and Life Transformed Through Fitness

  In 1999, Shaun Craft’s life and health were a mess: although he had a well paying career, he was plagued by health issues an anger problem, and was well on his way to a drinking problem. One day, he found himself diagnosed with an early sign of cirrhosis of the liver. This discovery caused him to cut back on his drinking, but a motorcycle accident and his daughter’s illness soon drove him back into his self-destructive shell. With the help of exercise, it was a shell he would emerge from in his pursuit of health and wellness.

  After a long time of heavy smoking and drinking combined with poor eating, Craft began to try and get back into shape. It took him nearly 6 months before he was able to do a proper push up, but he persevered; and one day he purchased a 20 pound weight. “That was the turning point in my life, and the life of my family and people around me,” says Craft, “That weight seemed so heavy. But not nearly as heavy as the weight I had been carrying on my shoulders.”

 Months went by as Craft continued in his efforts at self-improvement, and eventually, he decided to enroll in the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and health courses  in order to educate himself about exercise and the human body. He continues in his quest for knowledge.

 Today, he has transformed his body and mind through self-discipline: going from over 43% body fat to a 14% body fat, bench pressing well over 300 pounds, squatting 485 pounds, running a hundred yard dash at under 11 seconds at the weight of 212 pounds, ditching the drinking problem, and staying smoke free. Craft has also opened a small gym called "Complete FiTness", and is now a Certified Fitness Trainer and member of an elite institution nationally recognized by medical doctors and physical specialists.                                                                                                                                    About Complete Fitness

 Complete Fitness has helped countless people with reaching theire fitness goals. Whether  it was simply getting back into shape, physical therapy, losing weight for health reasons, or wanting to be a winner as an athlete. Complete Fitness was the one for them.

This gym remains a small facility where the benefit is being able to train one on one without distractions and whose owner is dedicated to helping others learn the true meaning of ‘the power of exercise’: “With exercise comes freedom and success! One can not only become stronger in the body, but also stronger in the mind,” asserts Craft, “This is truly freedom. Not being a prisoner in your own home or body or needing to go bankrupt to be healthy. This is why I started Complete Fitness; this is why I can help others.”

If you would like more information on this gym or to schedule an interview please call Shaun Craft at 815-636-9957 or email: Shaun@completefitnessweb.com Complete Fitness is located just north of Riverside, east of Alpine, at 5263 Pebble Creek Trail, Loves Park, Il 61111. Complete Fitness is here to help you meet your goals not matter what they are.



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